Say goodbye to the hassles of owning, operating and maintaining a company vehicle with a little help from All Car Rent A Car. Those in the know understand that company vehicles come with a hefty price tag - just think of all the insurance premiums, maintenance fees and licensing charges. Talk about a headache! Luckily, All Car Rent A Car is here to help, providing corporate customers with affordable business rental services. All Car has already helped dozens of companies with their transportation needs, so what are you waiting for? Check out All Car's impressive corporate offerings today.

What to expect from All Car's corporate programs

  • Custom Rate Plans: All Car Rent A Car understands that individual clients have individual needs. Simply explain your requirements to one of our knowledgeable agents and All Car will do whatever it takes to customize a plan that suits your business. Past clients have benefited from mid-week rates, overnight rates and half day rates.
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance: You'll never be left stranded again thanks to All Car's first-rate roadside assistance program. Simply call the 24-hour hotline and help will be dispatched immediately.
  • Fast, Free Pick Up and Drop Off: All Car Rent A Car can meet you anywhere - at home, the office, or a job site. Simply name the place and time - you can rest assured that All Car Rent A Car will be there.
  • No Additional Driver Charges and No Under-Age Fee for Drivers 21 and Over: Why rent three vehicles when you can simply multi-task with one? Every licensed employee over the age of 21 can legally drive a corporate rental from All Car Rent A Car without any addition charges.
  • New Makes and Models: All Car Rent A Car features a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from standard and luxury cars to SUV's, minivans, cargo vans and trucks. Environmentally conscious? All Car proudly offers environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles as well. And the best part? Every car at All Car is a current year model, providing corporate customers with the very latest specifications and features.
  • Free Unlimited Mileage: Take your business where it needs to go, without accumulating extra charges. Free unlimited mileage applies to every vehicle in the All Car fleet, so go ahead - drive your business's performance forward!
  • Short and Long Term Rentals: Whether you need a rental for a day or a month, All Car Rent A Car can help customize a plan that works around both your budget and your schedule.

All Car Rent A Car is here to help your business prosper

As a locally-owned family business, All Car Rent A Car understands how challenging running a business can be. That's why we work hard to provide customers with safe, reliable rental vehicles. Make an empowered decision with the help of an All Car Rent A Car staff member today by renting a great corporate vehicle. All Car doesn't rely on out-of-state board committees to create their rental policies - they make them specifically to suit their client's needs right inside their Brooklyn offices.

Examples of All Car corporate success stories

  • When a local real estate broker needed a new vehicle for their sales team, All Car was there. We processed and finalized the brokers request in just one day, offering rates that allowed the company to be up and running in just 24 hours. But that's not all; All Car also designed a custom rental package that featured long term price protection and no penalties for an early return.
  • All Car Rent A Car helped create a corporate image for a local organic food supplier by providing them with a professional line of delivery vehicles. This custom plan included cargo vans that were the same make, model and color. Their package also allowed them to rent as many vehicles as they needed, as often as they needed. All Car even put their company name and logo on long term rentals, creating a great company image.
  • When a movie company needed cars for a shoot, All Car arranged for delivery and pick up of all their rental vehicles.
  • When a local political party needed cars at 6am for Election Day activities, All Car opened the office early and stayed open until the polls closed to help accommodate the campaign's hectic crunch-time schedule.

Do you want your business to be an All Car success story? Then contact the All Car rental agency nearest you for more details. From florists and movers to caterers and commuters, All Car Rent A Car can create a plan that suits your business's budget and travel needs.