Brooklyn Car Rentals and Cargo Van Rentals

What are Cargo Vans?

If a mini-van or SUV rental just isn't big enough to transport all of your cargo you need to check out All Car Rent a Car's Cargo van Brooklyn car rentals. These heavy duty vans are perfect for lugging loads of all shapes and sizes, and are powerful enough to tow trailers, boats and even other vehicles behind them! All Car Rent a Car offers a dependable line of Brooklyn car rental cargo vans that are perfect for any moving job. Whether you're delivering packages or helping your kid's move of to college, a cargo van is a great way to save time and money!

Cargo Vans are Dependable.

Cargo van rentals (depending on the model and year) come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the size that right for you. Models start with approximately 235 cubic feet of cargo bay area, while larger models measure in at over 250 cubic feet. Load capacity for most cargo van rentals rest at around the 2,000 lbs mark, which gives you the ability to transport lots of furniture, boxes and materials.

Cargo Vans are Useful.

Cargo vans are a great vehicle to have for a variety of reasons. Cargo van Brooklyn car rentals are designed with five easy-access doors that make loading and unloading cargo a snap, plus the inside of the cargo bay is carpeted to protect your valuables from getting scuffed or damaged. A cargo van offers a much greater cargo area than many minivans and normal sized vans, making them a great choice for college move-in trips. Instead of making 5 trips between your house and the dorm room in a minivan, you could make only 2 trips with a cargo van! Cargo vans are a great way to cut down on fuel consumption, and offer's ambitious individuals the chance to do their own moving. Cargo vans are also a great vehicle to have at a construction site or housing project because they offer a convenient storage area for valuable lumber and other supplies. With the easy-access dual rear doors cargo vans make it easy to insert and remove bulky materials like 8 by 10s or aluminum siding. Cargo vans also make great delivery vans, so if you're small business is looking for a chance to expand, give All Car Rent a Car a call to see about renting one of their efficient cargo van Brooklyn car rentals!

Cargo Vans are Comfortable.

The front driver and passenger area of an All Car Rent a Car cargo van rental is designed with comfort in mind. The front seats are padded bucket-seats, and often include adjustable head rest (depending on the model. Man models also include multi-way adjustable seating, which allows you to fine-tune the position of body in regards to the steering wheel or dashboard. AM/FM radios are also available in All Car Rent a Car cargo van rentals, so be sure to inquire. Air conditioning may also be available in you're All Car Rent a Car cargo van rental, so contact All Car for more information.

Cargo Vans are Safe and Affordable!

Cargo vans are extremely safe vehicles offering automatic transmission, power steering, anti-lock breaks and a driver's side airbag. The side mirrors on your cargo van Brooklyn

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