What to Do If Your Brakes Fail

Having your brakes fail is something that every one dreads and fears. Don’t be caught in this situation in your Brooklyn budget car rental without a solution on mind.

The first thing to always remember when you’re in any vehicle crisis is to remain calm. A clear head can solve the problem more effectively than panic can. After that, there are a few steps to take to make sure you get to safety.

  • Shift to a lower gear. This will increase the possibility of pulling to safety at the side of the road or in a driveway. This slows the engine, therefore slowing the car. You’ll lose power steering if you shut the car off, so avoid that common mistake. Also, make sure that you shift the gear slowly to avoid skidding. Never put the car in neutral, as this will not slow the engine of your Brooklyn budget car rental.
  • Take advantage of the emergency brake. While this may not necessarily stop your Brooklyn budget car rental entirely, it will at least slow the car to a more manageable speed.
  • Go into the right lane. It is even more important than usual to check mirrors and signal if you need to change lanes at this time, but the right lane will be a safer location for your car than the left. If you can, move toward an exit.
  • Don’t touch the gas pedal. While this may seem obvious, it’s an important thing to remember. Avoid mistaking the gas for the brake by carefully checking before you put your foot down.
  • Check for obstructions under the brake pedal. Some of the common brake failures are from trash and other things being wedged beneath the brake pedal to prevent it from depressing. Quickly check to see if there’s anything under the pedal blocking its use and if there is, kick it out of the way with your foot. Do not try to lean down to move it.
  • If your Brooklyn budget car rental doesn’t have ABS, pump your brakes. Standard brakes may unlock with pumping by building up enough hydraulic pressure, but brakes with ABS won’t respond. ABS pumps the brakes without your help, so just pressing down on the brakes when they aren’t working will be enough. This ensures your foot is in the right place if the brake failure is only temporary.
  • Make the break down known. By turning on your hazards and honking your horn, you can alert other drivers that something is wrong. They will know to give your Brooklyn budget car rental space, which will prevent collisions.
  • If collisions are unavoidable, avoid the hard targets. Obviously this is up to your surroundings, and then your personal judgment but trees and other cars aren’t usually the best option. Hit something soft, that isn’t a human being.
  • Get help once your Brooklyn budget car rental is stopped. It’s always tempting to start driving again if the brakes suddenly begin working. It’s easy enough to convince yourself that it was a temporary mishap that won’t happen again but don’t give into that confidence. Don’t drive your Brooklyn budget car rental again until you have called for a tow truck to take the car to be inspected.

Our cars are in tip top shape, but unpredictable mishaps can always happen! We want to make sure you’re prepared in case of unexpected breakdowns and collisions. If you follow these tips, and keep a charged cell phone handy at all times, you’ll remain safe and whole.

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