The Ins and Outs of Hands-Free Driving

Do you have a Bluetooth? Are you going to have to be making business phone calls frequently while driving your Bronx car rental? If you know that you will need to be making frequent phone calls, make sure you go hands-free. Here’s why.

  • Your odds of being in a car accident increase by 23% if you text and drive.
  • In 2010, approximately 1/5 fatal accidents from distracted drivers occurred due to cell phone use.
  • Out of these distracted driving incidents, 32,885 people were killed in the U.S.

As you can see, driving your Bronx car rental becomes an extremely dangerous past time when you add your cell phone to it.

Carrying a charged cellphone is always a good idea while driving, in case of accidents. However, using it while driving is quite another issue. Remember also that as you may not be entirely familiar with your Bronx car rental or the roads you’re driving on, this danger is increased exponentially.

Laws are beginning to spread throughout the United States banning the use of phones while driving. Thirty-five states on January 1 of this year have text message bans for driver and nine more ban the use of cell phones completely. This means answering emails or texts, talking on the phone, or even dialing are entirely illegal actions while driving your Bronx car rental.

Hands-Free Cell Phones

There has been a boom in the hands-free technology for cell phones. Most states allow the use of cell phones that are hands-free.
These are devices that allow for communication with one-touch activation. Bluetooth headsets, car decks, in-car stereos, and GPS units are great examples of hands-free devices that are safe to use in your car.

Here are some examples of hands-free devices that you may want to get to make calls while in your Bronx car rental.

  • Car Kit: If you’re traveling alone in your Bronx car rental, you may want to consider getting a car kit. These are speakers that connect to the visor of your car. You’ll need to sync them to your cell phone so you can talk on the phone without wearing an earpiece.
  • Bluetooth Headsets: These come in various models and levels of quality, ranging from basic to premium. Depending on which model you get, the sound quality will be crystal clear. With the premium model you’ll get extraordinary sound quality, but for a little extra money. Some of these come with noise-cancelling technology, as well. You’ll have to be careful to make sure you continue to pay attention to other cars on the road.
  • Car Decks: These are a great option for those who love to play with the buttons of the car radio, leading to immense distraction. Car deck adaptors All you need to do is connect it to your Bronx car rental stereo system and the adaptor will do the rest for you! With incoming calls, the stereo automatically turns off the music and uses the speakers to let you hear the call. Once you’ve hung up, the adaptor switches the stereo system back to your music. This is a great option for you if you’ll be travelling in your Bronx car rental alone this year.

If you know you’ll be making frequent calls on your trip, look into one of these options to avoid a ticket and a car accident in your Bronx car rental. You can reduce your chances of accident without interrupting business.

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