How to Save on NYC Parking

Parking in New York can get pricey. People resort to all sorts of things in order to avoid paying ridiculous amounts of money just to park their car for a few hours. Those same people also usually end up with a ticket in their hand and paying more money in ticket costs than if they had found legal means.

If you want cheap parking in your Bronx car rental without carrying the burden of a parking ticket, we have some advice for you. These are a few hints that you may not have considered if you’re a first time traveler to New York, or even if you’re not.

1) Check hotel-parking rates. While this isn’t always true, hotels can be a cost effective option for overnight parking. This is mainly because in a city as busy and popular as New York, hotels are competitive. They want you to use their services rather than the various other options large cities provide.

2) Look for on-street parking. While this may not seem like as safe an option as hotel parking, it can be more economical. Unfortunately, on-street parking can be tough to find. If you do plan on trying this route, make sure you know the rules and regulations tied to on-street parking. You can even find a list of meters in your area that accept credit cars. Don’t forget that even if the spot you find for your Bronx car rental isn’t within walking distance of your destination, New York has a great public transit system that can take you nearly anywhere.

3) Research parking garages. While this will give you an idea of rates and locations, parking garage websites also sometimes carry deals and discounts for travelers. These will be in the form of web coupons that you can just print off and provide upon arrival. Sometimes you can even reserve a space for the time you’ll be travelling through New York in your Bronx car rental. By doing this little extra research, you can save time as well as a noticeable amount of money.

4) There’s an app for that. Androids and iPhones now have handy apps that you can download that include maps of parking spots and garages that list regulations, rates, times, and when certain spots become legal for parking. This app can save you from driving your Bronx car rental aimlessly around the city, wasting fuel and time.

5) If you’re a frequent traveler to New York, look for loyalty programs. There are monthly parking passes and customer loyalty programs for travelers who are in New York often. This can save you a ton of money – sometimes as much as 50% off rates daily. This adds up quickly, and can be better spent on meals, and leisurely activities.

6) Use competitive parking websites. Websites like will provide a map that shows parking locations. This will also provide you with information on which parking lots have the option of reservations or guaranteed rates. If you reserve your spot in advance, it’s likely to be cheaper than rates for getting a spot for your Bronx car rental the day of.

If you are making a reservation for your Bronx car rental, it’s always smart to make a back up reservation. This helps in case there’s an unexpected problem with your first one, or if you arrive and don’t like the look of the garage.

Follow these tips to make sure parking costs for your Bronx car rental don’t eat away at your travel budget. In a place as exciting as New York City, it’s nice to be able to have a larger leeway with your budget – spend more money on plays and shopping than parking your Bronx car rental.

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