Fuel Efficient Cars

With gas prices reaching new highs every day, All car Rent A Car is doing its best to keep the lid on the cost of renting a car in New York City. Realizing that the economy has been weak which has affected the employment situation for those living in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx as well as the foreclosure crisis which has gripped certain areas of Brooklyn and the Bronx, we are proud to offer discounted car rental rates for a wide variety of cars. Realizing the tough times in New York City, All car accepts debit cards for the discounted rates All car offers its New York City.

Over the past few months, realizing that gas prices were increasing weekly, if not daily, Allcar Rent A Car began purchasing fuel efficient vehicles which are rented at discounted rates for residents of New York City. Even the 15 passenger vans which are a popular way to move large groups of family, friends or business associates are the most fuel efficient of all 15 passenger vans rented in New York City. We are proud to say that the rental rates for the 15 passenger vans are cheap by comparison. Considering the vans hold 15 passengers including the driver, at rates other Manhattan rent a car companies charge for full size cars, all would agree that our 15 passenger van rates are clearly a bargain.

Among the fuel efficient car rental cars we have added to our New York City car rental fleet are the new 2012 Fiat 500, the Ford Focus which has been redesigned for 2012, the 2012 Honda Accord and Civic as well as the 2012 Nissan Altima among many other such cars.

Reserving a car at a discounted rate is easy, you can call our central reservation center or you can book online. Often times we have coupons and specials available to make the rate even cheaper for our valued New York City rent a car customers.

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