Tips for Driving a 15 Passenger Van Safely

15 passenger vans are one of the largest vehicles available to rent in New York. While in a 15 passenger van rental, it's important that the driver and all passengers wear their seat belts. Although the 15 passenger van seems safer than a typical rental car, driving a 15 passenger van actually requires more focus, attention, and responsibility. The driver of the 15 passenger van rental must keep in mind that the 15 passenger van is wider, taller, and longer than any other rental car or van. The risk of a vehicle turnover is also higher on a 15 passenger van than on other rentals because the center of gravity is higher on the 15 passenger van. For these reasons, all passengers in the 15 passenger van should remain seated and not move about while the van is in motion.

Braking and Stopping

When driving the 15 passenger van in New York or elsewhere, the driver needs to allow more time for braking and stopping. The 15 passenger van is longer, larger, and heavier than a car, and requires more time to come to a complete stop. The driver of the 15 passenger van should allow more space than they normally would between their 15 passenger van rental and any vehicles in front of them.

When making turns, the 15 passenger van driver also needs to make wide turns and make sure all turns are done at a slow speed. The 15 passenger van does not turn as easily as a car, van, or truck. It requires more space since the 15 passenger van is both wider and longer than a typical car or minivan.

How to Load a 15 Passenger Van Rental

Drivers and passengers of the 15 passenger van should load the 15 passenger van from the front to the back and not skip any seats. The roof of your 15 passenger van rental should not be used for storage. This is both unsafe and may cause the 15 passenger van to tip over, resulting in damage to the vehicle, damage to your belongings, and potential loss of life. You will also reduce the height clearance of the van if you store items on the roof, which means the 15 passenger van may be unable to enter certain roads and parking garages. Nothing should ever be secured or attached to the sides or roof of the 15 passenger van.

The total weight of the 15 passenger van rental, including all the passengers, cargo, and belongings loaded into the van, should not exceed 2,700 pounds. If in doubt, you are better to load the 15 passenger van with less equipment and to travel a bit lighter.

Keep the Driver's View Clear

It is also important to make sure than no luggage blocks the driver's view. The driver should be able to see out the rear window of the 15 passenger van, as well as out all other side windows of the van. As we discussed, the 15 passenger van is longer and wider than a rental car. Consequently, the mirrors are not sufficient in and of themselves to allow the driver enough visibility. The 15 passenger van driver should be able to look out all sides and the rear of the 15 passenger van.

Allcar Rent-A-Car carries a large fleet of 15 passenger vans that can be reserved online or by calling any of the New York Allcar Rent-A-Car locations. Should you ever have any questions about operating your 15 passenger van rental safely, please call Allcar Rent-A-Car.

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